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The objective of the methodology is perfect execution of a culture change in order to eliminate the business issue. Six Sigma and Lean being the hub of perfect execution, it adds the data driven decision making component to the methodology, whilst TCT (Total Cycle Time) will lay the platform towards culture change.

Achieved the forecasted Bottom-line?

Most companies in the world are facing the current market business conditions. Is there really a Crisis in the marketů? Well that question must be answered by you,

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Our Product Portfolio

  • Business Process Improvement Projects
  • Six Sigma Certification
  • Project Management Certification
  • Kizen Implementation
  • Lean Manufacturing workshops and Implementation

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Our Competencies

  • Improving On Time Delivery
  • Productivity Improvement
  • Operational Waste Reduction
  • Labor Turnover Reduction
  • Implementation of Lean Manufacturing
  • Absenteeism Reduction